I Am Reafy for College Life Essay

I Am Reafy for College Life Essay

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Getting ready to leave for college is often one of the most difficult times for a young adult. Many people are not ready to take that next step into their future. However, this past summer, as I approached my senior year, I was lucky enough to take a trip up the coast of California to go to a National Student Leadership Conference and prepare for that life changing experience. This camp was based on medicine and health care. I received a chance to work with professional doctors and examine what a life in medicine would be like. It was, by far, the greatest experience of my life, and it has definitely formed me into the person I am today. Before this camp, I knew I was not ready to proceed with that next step in my life. But now, I know I am more responsible and knowledgeable to go to college on my own.
The National Student Leadership Conference was a ten day program where high school students stayed in the college dorms and went to college level lectures. I remember the first day, I was so nervous to be alone sharing a room with a girl I had never met. But, I decided to take a risk ...

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