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I Am Proud Of The Work Essays

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In the beginning of the semester, I was worried about what this class would be like; I didn’t know what to expect. I wondered if we were going to write ten page essays or read a ton of books. I was also curious about how well I was going to do. I set a goal before my first day to strive for mostly A’s, but after my first class in here that goal changed to a B. I recall my professor stating that he doesn’t hand out A’s and he will give C’s if you haven’t worked hard enough. It wasn’t until after I got the grade of my first essay back, a 93, that I stopped worrying. I have learned so much from essay to essay, not only about different styles of writing, but I believe my grammar and punctuation has also improved from the beginning. Looking back at this semester of English 111, I am proud of the work I have done in this class, but I also know that there is a lot more I can learn and work on in my writing.
Although the first essay we wrote was the best grade I’ve gotten on an essay in this class, I have learned so much since then. Our biography was the first essay where we had to take an aspect of our life and explain why that aspect resembles us the most; this is why I wrote about how I am a daughter. The reason behind my decision to put this essay as one of the three to be apart of my final portfolio is because it shows how I focused on making a strong introduction paragraph that strongly set up the rest of the essay. I remember really working on my introduction because not only did you say that you were going to be paying close attention to that in our first essays, but developing strong introductions are what I have had struggled with in previous essays. I also remember during our conferences, I had asked you on how to add detail ...

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...Disregarding my struggles, I incorporated smooth and correct paraphrasing and quotations throughout. An example from this essay was when I explained how Sheff was still focused on Nic even while he was in the ICU because of a brain hemorrhage. “My son is in danger. I cannot forget it even now, with my brain awash with toxic blood” (Sheff 243). I chose this this quote from Sheff because it was one of the many ways where Sheff portrayed his constant worry for his son, even if his brain was bleeding. All through this essay, I was able to develop strong lead ins and lead outs, while also explaining why I chose that quote and how it relates to my topic. Not only have I learned my strengths in writing throughout this semester, but I have learned my weaknesses. Some of these weaknesses I have worked on from essay to essay, and others I will still have to work on improving.

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