I Am Now More Capable Of Understanding Their Message And Better Help Them

I Am Now More Capable Of Understanding Their Message And Better Help Them

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When we meet new people we are often intrigued by their appearance or their actions but, a person’s accent can express greatly of them. I have met a variety of people, some with accents and others with a hearing or a verbal disability, which made me improve my verbal communication. It has positively impacted my communication style, which refers to the way people use language, and it helps listeners understand how to interpret verbal messages” (Martin, Nakayama pg. 146), because I am now more capable of understanding their message and better help them.
We assume different accents belong to different occupations or personalities and by doing so, it can have negative repercussions. Moreover, phonology “is the study of meaning-that is, how words are pronounced, which units of sounds (phonemes) are meaningful for a specific language, and which sounds are universal" (Martin, Nakayama pg. 138). According to the article Sounds of the South, “misunderstanding in large part have been fueled by media portrayals in movies” and have “presented grossly exaggerated and inaccurate stereotypes of SAE.” Besides media, I haven’t been exposed to Southern American English. If I had a brain surgeon with a southern accent, I feel that it would impede their professionalism. In my opinion, a surgeon should have a higher vocabulary and a positive and comprehendible tone. As far as having an accent preference for a brain surgeon, I really do not have one.
Making assumptions about regional dialects can have both harmful and encouraging outcomes. I believe media plays an important and influential role in maintaining these assumptions. Media rarely displays a person with a southern accent portraying a high professional role such as, a doctor; it is usually a...

... middle of paper ...

...nstance, I use medical terminology and less slang terms.
Because I was the eldest of my siblings, at an early age I had to interpret for my parents and sometimes even strangers. Interpretation “refers to the process of verbally expressing what is said or written in another language” (Martin, Nakayama pg. 163). To this day, interpreting becomes difficult because some words in Spanish do not translate well in English, and vice versa. Equivalency is “the condition of being equal in meaning, value, quantity, and so on” (Martin, Nakayama pg. 164). There are also multiple meanings for one word; depending on the context the word is used.
To conclude, we meet a diverse range of people in our life time so, I believe that by reflecting on our encounters we learn how to improve our communication style. By doing so, we will grow and open our horizons to the diverse population.

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