I Am My Teacher I Become A Lifelong Learner Essay

I Am My Teacher I Become A Lifelong Learner Essay

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My father, paternal grandfather, and a 7th grade teacher were all educators and the biggest influences in my life when it came to my decision to teach. I am the teacher that I remain today is a result of what they instilled in me. My father is a retired professor of Zoology. He dedicated his life towards learning and passing his knowledge on young minds eager to soak up as much information as possible. My father used to tell me that teachers are the backbone of the educational system and his love of learning inspired me to become a lifelong learner. My grandfather, a gold medalist in Ayurveda, an alternative medicine, volunteered for 35 years of service as a principal at Ayurvedic College. It is per his influence that I volunteered to teach for 7 years and became involved with the National Honor Society. Another person that inspired me was my seventh grade math teacher. My classmates and I used to spend hours at his home working on math puzzles. He worked with us until we could practically solve math problems in our sleep. Working with number patterns, cracking puzzles, and solving real-world problems were among my favorite pastimes. As a result of his impact on my life, I chose to become a math coach and teacher. Although the three commendable men mentioned earlier inspired me to the greatest extent, there were other laudable educators and friends throughout my high school and college years who also influenced me into the passionate teacher that I am today.
A teacher (Guru) desrves the utmost respect and is regarded as a god in Indian society. A wonderful couplet in Sanskrit reads, “Swa gruhe Poojyathe Raja, Vidhwan Sarvathra Poojyathe.” That means that a king is respected by his countrymen, whereas a scholar is respe...

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...ts. I have been instrumental in organizing workshops, health fairs, and science fairs to promote responsible citizenship and leadership qualities in our students. As a member of the District Technology Committee, the Strategic Plan Committee, and the STEM and STEAM Committees, I have always advocated for the contemporary technologies and additional dual college credit courses. I have also helped students during my planning time and after school hours in in an effort to assist them improve their exit exam scores, college admission test scores, and close the achievement gap. It is a huge honor for me that some of my students have won scholarships to prestigious institutions both nationally and internationally. A few of my friends, students, and student teachers who have been inspired by me have become teachers, and they are making a positive impression on the community

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