Essay on I Am Most Inspired By Steve Jobs

Essay on I Am Most Inspired By Steve Jobs

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One of the people I am most inspired by is Steve Jobs. He dedicated his life to building technology that revolutionized the way our society functions, and he used his passion for technology to make the world a better place. His enthusiasm for his work, technological vision, and drive to use his interest in computers to make an impact are all qualities I admire, and he is a model for many of the things I would like to accomplish with my own career.
Like Steve Jobs, I have been fascinated with technology and specifically with how computers work. When I discovered that Steve Jobs had developed a strong interest in electronics before he was even ten years old (although his adoptive parents were not highly educated, many engineers lived in his Silicon Valley neighborhood and helped introduce him to how different electronic devices were put together), I instantly related to this aspect of his life. As a small child, when I found out what computers were, I immediately wanted to learn more about how they worked and how I could make them do different things. This interest in technology dates...

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