I Am Mom ' Hear Me Roar ' By Amy Chua 's Battle Hymn Of A Tiger Mother Essay

I Am Mom ' Hear Me Roar ' By Amy Chua 's Battle Hymn Of A Tiger Mother Essay

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I am Mom. Hear me roar...purr.

There are very few roles in life that are as wonderful, exhausting, and criticized as being a parent. Part of the hardship is that parenting comes with no instruction manual. One moment you are a singular person with your own personal concerns. The next moment, you have this tiny little being peering up at you and a realization sets in that everything you do or do not do is going to impact this minute person. This insecurity in parenting abilities is where parenting books find their niche, including Amy Chua 's Battle Hymn of a Tiger Mother, where she states her belief that only extreme Chinese style parenting is effective at raising intelligent children that lead to successful adults. Not surprisingly, this caused an uproar among the Western-style parenting community and their more lax parenting styles. Sadly, it seems to me that the middle ground between these parenting styles is overlooked. Parenting is not a one-size-fits-all pair of pants that can be slipped into at any given moment. Children are individuals with their own specific needs. They deserve a chance develop as individuals, explore personal interests, and enjoy life with socialization.

Amy Chua delivers a very powerful response from her text, especially with her lists of what her children are allowed and not allowed to do. Some of these things include: having a playdate, playing sports, bringing home anything less than an A, and not practicing any instrument other than violin or piano. In her text she shares a story of when her seven-year-old daughter is struggling with a piano piece and attempts to stop practicing and leave the piano. Chua responds with forcing her back to the piano, threatening to burn her stuffed animals, ...

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...art of the Mathletes team at her Elementary School. She is very athletic, determined, and confident. She is no longer shy when she meets people, and actually accels as a leader and a peer tutor within her school classroom. I personally had absolutely no experience with taekwondo or volleyball and I am atrocious at math. Had I followed Chua 's parenting style and forced my daughter to follow in my own footsteps I do not feel she would not have found her own personal joys and accomplishments.

Amy Chua also believes that children owe their parents. She explains "...the understanding is that Chinese children must spend their lives repaying their parents by obeying them and making them proud" (263). I will admit, that this took me off guard. There are many things that my children do that give me pride, but very little of it has to do with them being indebted to me.

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