I Am Lying Flat On My Eyes Slowly And Look Around Essay

I Am Lying Flat On My Eyes Slowly And Look Around Essay

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I open my eyes slowly and look around. I’m lying flat on my back on grass. Blinking, I can see I’m not alone. Kale lays to my right. I’m a bit startled to see him there. I look on my other side and see Sadie and Heather. What happened? Then I remember seeing that old lady, and Sadie and I in the bathroom. I sit up, to take in my surroundings. We’re lying in the middle of a small clearing. The trees around us are unusually huge and different plants and flowers are scattered around on bushes. I notice my friends, and I, look different too, older. We no longer have our teenager bodies, but now seemed to have reached adulthood. All of us have reached a firmer build and look more like adults instead of teenagers.
Kale groans as he sits up. “My head hurts!” he mutters. Sadie and Heather wake up too. “Where are we?” asks Heather, “What happened? And what are you guys doing here?” She meant all of us, but the look of surprise when she saw Kale was not hiding.
“Hey, I only know as much as you do!” Kale snapped, “Don’t make me a problem here!”
“I don’t know what happened. I thought we were in the restrooms, and then –” Sadie trails off.
“I feel different for some reason,” says Heather.
“Welcome,” says a voice. It sounded clear and sharp, like a struck bell with its ' note lingering in the air. The four of us turn around and see what looks like a maiden from a story book. She had on a dark, blue cloak with a hood that covered her face and a cape that went to her ankles. A gold medallion hung around her neck. In her hand, she held a wooden staff with a blue stone embedded in the top, the same shade as her cloak. “Who are you?” I ask.
“They call me Destiny.”
“What are we doing here?” asks Heather.
“Do you know where you are?”
“No,” the fou...

... middle of paper ...

“But I never saw an old woman though,” says Heather, “When I went to fill up my bottle at the water fountain there was an insignia on it. As soon as I touched it I guess I disappeared.”
“Well, beings that we all had similar dreams and that we were chosen for something, I guess we have to go,” I point out, “After all she’s Destiny. Can you escape your destiny?”
They stand in silence, thinking. Then Sadie speaks, “I don’t know. I never believed that people had destinies. I always believed that your life goes by what choices you make.”
I nod, for what she says makes sense.
“And do we choose to go with Destiny?” asks Kale.
I hesitate before answering. I know this decision will affect me for the rest of my life. Heather finally nods. I glance at Sadie and she gives me a look that says she behind me, whichever way I choose. I look at Kale and nod.
“I guess we go.”

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