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I Am Li, Or Go By Coco Essay

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I am Yutong Li, or go by Coco. I am a senior at Oregon State University and majoring in business information system and business administrative. My educational background and experience give me solid understanding and strong working knowledge; however, I still have gaps between my current skills and employer expectations. It is important to understanding your advantages and gaps. This memo is to discuss my current skill inventory, employer expectations, and my gaps and different ways I plan to fill them.

I develop multiple skills and abilities from various experiences, especially leadership and communication skills. When I took the accounting information system class, I was the leader of the group project, which was to lead and assign group members to use Visio to design and explain a flow chart, use Access to create a database and analyze data, and analyze risks and controls of the database. Additionally, I need to communicate with all group members and monitor the project progress to make sure everything is under control. Even though there were some challenges of this project, we still overcame all the difficulties and got an “A”.

My experiences also make me become an organized person with good planning skill. For example, I opened an online store with my friend in China in 2011 which was about clothes and shoes. 2011 also was the year I came to the US for high school. I was responsible for the online part, such as communicating with customer and dealing with orders. It was tough to adapt American lifestyle and running an online store at the same time. In order to make everything clear, I wrote down what I should do and finished all the works in order every day. There was a lot of work need to do, for instance, checking the in...

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... I graduate, and I should keep taking these classes as I start working. In addition, I am going to attend the students of information management (SIM) club in this coming fall. I think I can get more training in information management at the SIM club. Students in the SIM club would participate in many activities and projects and have chance to meet employers and guest speakers, I can gain more experience and build my network through the SIM club. At the same time, I also can improve my critical thinking and problem solving skills by doing more projects.

Except for the three areas I mention above, I still have other areas to improve. In order to be a qualify employee and satisfy employer expectation, I should keep learning and improving myself. The three areas I list above are what I should have before graduating in order to become a database administrator in Oracle.

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