I Am Julian Scott The Unique Son Of Alphonse Russell And Agnes Essay

I Am Julian Scott The Unique Son Of Alphonse Russell And Agnes Essay

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I am Julian Scott Jackson the unique son of Karlos Alphonse Russell and Agnes Elaine Byrd. I am the grandson of Alfred showers and Loretta Galloway and the grandson of Alphonse Russell and Carlie Russell. I am the great grandson of Raymond Scott and Agnes Balasco Scott. My family is very unique each of my parents and grandparents life is a story. All my grandparents were born in 1945 the year in which World War II ended, they also were born during the great depression. They each overcame the terrible economy. Both of my granddads both joined the United States army right after High school. Both of my grandma attended college right after graduation. My parents on the other hand were born in the early 70s. My dad went to college to pursue his career in computer science. My mom on the other hand worked and went to nursing school. Them having a go getter attitude made me have that ambition to want to go to college.
Alfred showers my maternal grandfather was born in Mobile, Alabama on May 21, 1945. He had to face adversity because he had 10 siblings. He had 7 brothers and 3 sisters. Out of all of them he was the oldest so he had to set an example. Right after my grandfather graduated high school in 1962, he joined the United States army at the age of 19. He was in the army for 8 years then, he decided he wanted to work. He got a job with the international paper company, in which he worked in the paper mill. While he was working there he joined the paper mill union. After working there for 20 years he decided he wanted to have a more relax job. My grandfather got a job with Dodd nursery in Sims, Alabama. In Alabama agriculture is very key to the state. My grandfather has been working in agriculture since I was born, so he been working...

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...s brought a tighter relationship with each every one of them. Each of my family members had a unique story to tell me about their life. I really was intrigued by the biographies and how each of them had to overcome an obstacle in their life. This made me realize that I had a piece of each of them in me. My life reflects their life, in a very unique way. My great grandparents paved the road for me. My granddad’s fought for this country. Military was a way out for certain members in my family. I feel if I didn’t go to college I would have joined the military also .Not only did I learn things about them but this help me learn things about myself that I never even knew. This family history paper has help me connect more with my family and I am so thankful and honored to write a paper on my family. This has been a great experience in which I will never forget about.

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