I Am Important Qualities Of A Teacher Essay

I Am Important Qualities Of A Teacher Essay

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Teaching Philosophy Belief Paper
The purpose of this paper is to state what I believe to be important qualities of a teacher. I have gained insightful information from my Advance Children’s Literature class, Elementary Curriculum, and Black Ants and Buddhists book. The information I have retained, I hope to utilize it in my future classroom. I expect to have a support system in my classroom, healthy relationship with students and parents, use a community of resources, teach in multiple perspectives, and use dialogic teaching.
A support network is people in your student’s life who can offer practical and emotional support. A student goes to this person when they need advice, attention, or just a good laugh. The best support system helps students achieve goals or make them; they are there for the student every step of the way. On the first day of school I would say this classroom is our family, while pointing at pictures of all my students’ families hanging up. As a teacher, I can say everyone in this class is my friend, so I want you to feel comfortable asking me questions, or talking to me when you are going through a rough time. There will be times when you will fight with your friends, like at home when you fight with your siblings. But it is important to know that everyone makes mistakes, so we need to be a bigger person and own our faults. I would establish that I am not perfect, but I will always do my best. This aligns with the growth mindset because good support systems help students strive for their future, I learned this in my Advance Children’s Literature class. Students are not afraid to make mistakes when their teacher tells them its okay for failure. Failure is one step closer to success.
Not only having a supp...

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...ing so, it helps develop executive functions and creates meaningful memories that students can relate to. I have learned that the best way for students to remember knowledge is by making teaching meaningful to your students. When your students are learning from their peers, they are more likely to remember what they learned.
I believe that a good elementary teacher should make students motivated by having high expectations, communicate to students about developing a growth mindset, and reinforce critical thinking by using dialogic thinking. My ideas have not changed since the beginning of this semester, I have only accumulated more information on how to make my students feel safe to learn in a healthy environment and what I can do as a teacher to provide them with that. I only hope that I can become a great teacher like Cowhey, after I get past my first few years.

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