I Am Humbled And Honored For The George E. Potter Outstanding Student Award

I Am Humbled And Honored For The George E. Potter Outstanding Student Award

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I am humbled and honored to be nominated for the George E. Potter Outstanding Student Award. The journey to obtain my degree has been trying and turbulent, but without a doubt the most academically rewarding experience of my life. There have been late night study sessions and very early study groups, daunting deadlines, tears of stress, exclamations of joy, sighs of relief and many, many words of encouragement. I am blessed to have found a college that has been such a perfect fit.
I was a college student in Texas when I discovered I was pregnant with my first child and became a stay-at-home parent after her birth in 1997. I sporadically took college classes for several years. Once all of my children were in school, I went to work as a substitute teacher and was subsequently hired the following year as a paraprofessional for special population students. In 2007 a family upheaval moved me from the Dallas area to the coastal area of Corpus Christi. I found myself as a single parent with limited income and three children. The transition was difficult, but growing up I was taught that if something was within my physical capabilities, then it was something that needed to be learned. My parents taught me to always see the potential in people, have a warm, open heart and give of myself without expecting anything back. The time had come to apply those principles to myself. Within a year I was able to secure housing and employment.
Moving to Michigan many years later, I enrolled in Jackson College with the goal of finishing my associate’s degree. I received a 3.6 grade point average in my first semester and have maintained the same grade point average for graduation. After graduation in May, I will enter the workforce to gain experience i...

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... me to focus on furthering my professional and academic career. My plans are to move back to Texas after two of my children graduate high school, so that I can take care of my mother and work at the school district that I went to as a child. My mother worked there as a teacher and I hope to work there as a paraprofessional. I will transfer, in August 2017, to Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi to work on my Bachelor’s Degree in University Studies. My goal will be to tailor my studies to match Michigan State University’s Human Development and Family Studies degree.
I want to thank everyone at Jackson College for the amazing opportunity to complete my degree. I would have never known the possibilities and pleasure of obtaining a degree if I had not taken the first step to apply. I can stand tall knowing that I received an outstanding education from Jackson College.

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