I Am Grateful For The Plan Of Salvation And The Knowledge That We Can Have Eternal Families

I Am Grateful For The Plan Of Salvation And The Knowledge That We Can Have Eternal Families

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Feeling alone, but I am not really.
Family is the most important organization on this earth. I am grateful for the plan of salvation and the knowledge that we can have eternal families. This has been part of my beliefs since almost before I can remember. The blessing of eternal families is one of the cherished lessons my mother taught me.
My grandma’s birthday is October 5. We went to visit her for her birthday, before we moved further away. One snapshot of my memory is the most vivid. Although it was the first day of October, in my memory it feels like summer. The sun is shining on the bright white lines of the parking lot of the Dairy Queen. We had finished eating and were going back to the car. I noticed that my mom had a cup and I asked her about it. She told me she was tired and the cold milkshake would help her stay awake. This is my memory of the final conversation with my mother. It may not be the last one, but it is all I remember. I believe she fell asleep at the wheel and her time on this earth was done. She and my sister died. My brother and I lived.
I flew out of the windshield and landed a distance away in a field, this I don’t remember. My next memory is becoming aware of my ten month old brother crying across the freeway. I wanted to go to comfort him. My mouth and arms were bleeding, and I knew I could not walk. I decided to put my head down and figure out how to help my brother. I next woke up with an older gentleman next to me watching me. He had turned me over and put a blanket on me. He told me I could go back to sleep, if I wanted. My next memory is in an ambulance hurrying towards help. I remember the siren and the trees moving past the windows. Thirteen da...

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...w she would have encouraged me. My daughter was little and my four sons were a handful. This was one of the tender mercies of the Lord. I still feel blessed to have had it.
I am grateful to know that I am sealed to my mother. I am glad I understand the plan of salvation. But, going through life without a mother in a church that values family is not always easy. Being without a mother during most of my time on earth has not been easy, it has brought many challenges. I can remember many of my childhood worries as I lay in the hospital bed wondering about my future. The Lord has always been near providing mentors, friends and strangers to guide me. Quiet times now I can, sometimes, even feel my own mother nearby. In many small and simple ways the Lord has blessed me and I know I have not walked this path with my mother but, I have never been alone.

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