I Am Grateful For My Classical Ballet Essay

I Am Grateful For My Classical Ballet Essay

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Adorned with a tutu and pink lace parasol umbrella, I stood in the wings like a statue waiting for my music to play. I was five years old, my tape was lost in the mix, and I was terrified. That day I walked out onto the stage clenching my umbrella for dear life and completed my first ballet performance without a single hiccup. The show went on. And on for fourteen more years until finally abandoning the barre for academics in pursuit of another field highly focused on the body; medicine.
I will forever be grateful for my classical ballet training as I learned so much more than how to tie my hair into the perfect bun, impress friends with incredible flexibility, and speak a language that only fellow dancers understand. I learned the value of discipline, dedication, perseverance, collaboration, creativity, and compassion. Similar to becoming a member of a ballet company, becoming a physician is no easy feat and surely does not occur over night. I endured years of bodily strain in the studio to achieve excellent technique just as aspiring and practicing physicians face years of studying and training to perfect their craft. The key is discipline and ultimately, sacrifice. Dancers and physicians alike fully dedicate themselves to their work in order to meet steep expectations set by formal tradition.
As the youngest member of my ballet company, I tirelessly practiced in the studio until I finally stuck the sixteen fouetté turns that I would have to execute on stage. Like ballet, medicine is heavily dependent on patience and perseverance. It is a journey often littered with obstacles, unpredictability, and self-doubt that needs to be tackled one step at a time. It may take multiple attempts to master a movement just as it may take an...

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...raining and never envisioned that it would prepare me for a future as a physician. Although I do not know how well my personal wound care and ribbon sewing experience will be adapted to patient care, I do know that all other lessons ingrained in me through ballet will absolutely translate from the studio to the examination room. I aspire to be the selfless physician that holds patients and their families as priority and truly empathizes with them at their most vulnerable times. The physician that approaches encounters with creativity to consider all possible solutions, accepts input with open arms, and refuses to be discouraged when desired results are not achieved. I wish to attend medical school to bring all that I have learned in ballet to a new stage; a stage where I can foster partnerships, alleviate suffering, and improve the lives of others for years to come.

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