Essay about I Am Gon Na Kill You If You Open That Door !

Essay about I Am Gon Na Kill You If You Open That Door !

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I open the door and I feel something slam against me “I’m gonna kill you if you open that door!”. A million things running through my mind, then suddenly it all goes blank. Don’t react stay calm is my only focus as I turn the knob, ignoring the 8-year-old boy hysterically grasping whatever part of me he could. I think back to a time when I was scrolling through countless ads searching for any patient care opportunities possible “Oh The Center for Autism and Related Disorders that sounds like an easy way to gain hours!” now I know just how absurd that notion was.
Easy? Not even a single second. But if I were able to go back in time the only change I would make would be to join the company sooner. Being able to hear a non-vocal child speak their first word, seeing the months of hard work pay off and that child’s face light up with pride is unimaginable. When a patient who needed to be isolated and physically restrained in order to prevent harm to himself or others is able to return to a mainstream classroom I consider the bruises and bite marks gained along the way a constant reminder of how far he has come. Working at CARD has taught me many things in the past year, but most importantly I have learned that the most rewarding things in life are far from being fast or easy.
A perspective I wish I had during freshman registration. I remember opening my advanced placement results and seeing 23 hours with excitement I squealed “I’ll graduate way before you!” taunting my older brother. I recalled countless AP teachers preaching their class was going to prepare us for college and ignorantly assumed I could handle anything. I tried to rush my education cramming 18 hours into my first semester, including calculus even though I had not solve...

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...ering upsetting diagnoses. Then one day at CARD my supervisor had informed my patient’s mother of her regression. It completely devastated her, but as I sat and talked with her I noticed a look of relief creep onto her face. And then she started thanking me, she noticed the confounded expression on my face and elaborated “thank you for being there for me and my family it’s comforting knowing we can always count on you to have her best interests at heart”. A simple act of kindness was all it took to ease some of the pain she felt in that moment. Then I understood that a patient will receive a tragic prognosis regardless if I am the one delivering it, but how I handle the situation can have a significant impact on someone else’s life. I will forever cherish this moment for multiple reasons, but especially because it was when I was certain I can and will excel as a PA.

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