I Am Familiar With Children With Disabilities Essay

I Am Familiar With Children With Disabilities Essay

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What I Want to Learn From SPE 471
I am familiar with children with disabilities because I have a disability cousin. Children with disabilities are known as special needs children. They need special attention on a daily basis. For example, if a child 's mother is in her room and the child has fallen out of the bed how can the child get up without anyone help. Children with disabilities needs someone to feed them. Their hand, arm, and wrist are not strong enough to hold on to their own eating utensils. For example, if a child is at school trying to eat lunch, but he or she is having a hard time picking up the spoon because their arm is not strong enough to support their hand and wrist. Most of the children with disabilities seem to have a hard time of getting their words to come out, while some others cannot speak at all. For example, my cousin cannot talk at all, but I understand what she needs. For instance, if there was a child that cannot get their words to come out, it would be hard for them to explain what is wrong. For example, one day in class a special need child raised their hand and the teacher comes up to the child and the child opens their mouth but no words come out. It is very frustrating to that child because they know that they need, but they cannot get their words to come out. Most of the children with disabilities are in wheelchairs and cannot walk.
The role of Early Interventionist is very important for children with disabilities or delays their development. They are there to help children to catch up with their age development milestones. The Early Interventionist major focus is on the children physical, cognitive, communicating, social and emotional, and self-help. For example, if there is a one year old th...

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...ere is more meaning to special education of just knowing children that have special needs. For instance, if someone comes up to me asking me what is special education I want to be able to tell them more than just children with special needs. The second lesson I would like to learn would be understand each individual special need child. Each child has a different disability that functions a different way. For example, if I am dealing with a child that has Autism, it is going to be totally different when I have to deal with a child that has Down Syndrome. The last lesson I would like to learn would be understanding the normal development of a child compared to a child that is delaying the normal development. If I were working in a child care center and I had no idea of what a normal five year should develop, I would think that that five year old is developing normally.

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