I Am Familiar With Asian Culture Essay

I Am Familiar With Asian Culture Essay

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Living in the United States as one of the most divers’ countries in the world has made me to recognize the importance of increasing my cultural self-awareness. As Sammers-Flanagan, Sammer-Flanagan in the book, Clinical Interviewing (2014) stated: “The ability to understand how your own thoughts and feelings are influenced by your cultural heritage helps you understand how culture has influenced others. Hopefully, understanding other perspectives will help you avoid imposing your cultural values on your clients.”(p. 367). Increasing cultural knowledge and competence, developing counseling skills, conceptualizing individual and systematic case and recognizing my strengths and growth were the most important area that I have tried to improve them in the Clinical skills’ class.
First, increasing my cultural knowledge and competence was one of the important approach of this class for me. Mostly, I am familiar with Asian culture, especially the Middle East and specifically my heritage culture, Persian culture. However none of my cohort is Iranian, I have never felt separated from them. It is the beauty of this country that although I am foreigner, other people are interested to my culture and they show their respect to it. I have been experiencing American culture since the day I moved to the United States, but I have been learning more details from my cohort and my instructors since the day I started this program. One of the most valuable exercise that we did in the class, was skill development activity.
Working as a group in which we became each other’s therapist was very helpful for me. I was in the same group with Matt and Hurainab which was such an amazing combination. Hurainab and I have lots of cultural background similarity,...

... middle of paper ...

...takes lots of my time, but I believe with hard working I could overcome this barrier in the future as well. Practicing all the skills that I have learnt and also learning how to take correct and appropriate notes are the most area in which I need to work on them for working in this field as an professional.
In conclusion I have tried to evaluate my cultural knowledge and competence, develop my counseling skills, conceptualize individual and systematic case, and recognize my strengths and growth in the clinical skills’ class. In my opinion, changing my attitude toward other cultures and accepting all the norms which each culture has different one are how all these areas influenced me as the future therapist. I have learnt a lot in this class since last quarter and especially the development skills activity was such great opportunity for me to practice more and more.

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