Essay on I Am Ella Gilford And I : An Educational Psychologist

Essay on I Am Ella Gilford And I : An Educational Psychologist

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Hello all. I am Ella Gilford and I am an educational psychologist. Per the American Psychological Association, Educational Psychologists are psychologists who have devoted time studying “how people learn and retain knowledge” (American Psychological Association, 2016). Educational Psychologist are able to apply their knowledge of psychological theories to help improve learning processes and overall student success. They have additional training and education in development and the issues that accompany, and so, educational psychologist can also asses learning and behavioral problems children and adolescents face. Also, Educational Psychologist are able to provide schools and teachers with assistance on teaching approaches and learning and behavior strategies (APA, 2016).
As an educational psychologist, I am here to help provide you all with some tips, ideas and information on classroom management. Classroom management is not an exact science and so what works for one teacher and class may need adjusting for another. While here, I will be observing the various approaches to classroom rules, how behavior problems are dealt with, and your overall classroom environment. My ultimate goal is to help you find the best practices to use to help your students learn and be the be the best that they can be. For example, if you have a student, let’s call him Joe, who is disrupting your class, not only can I assess the child to see if any learning or behavior disorders exist but I can help you come up with more efficient teaching and behavior management techniques. If in the above scenario I assess Joe and find out he has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), I can educate you on the disorder and assist you in adjusting how...

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...g further (Evertson, 2003). Although, problems and behavior issues are various in nature, teachers should be prepared by having already established means of handling most behaviors. This can include rewards and consequences programs, praise and reinforcement techniques. Regardless of the technique used, having an array of techniques keeps the teacher from feeling overwhelmed or at a loss when a problem arises.
Teaching is a very difficult profession. To be in charge of the learning environment of individuals takes work and patience and a little creativity at times. To be effective, one must manage the classroom while attending to learning and behavior issues and planning lessons. It is my hope at the end of our sessions together that I have provided you with resources, insight and tips on how to be an effective teacher and successfully manage your classroom.

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