I Am Driving Through A Car Dealership Essay

I Am Driving Through A Car Dealership Essay

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Let’s say I am driving through a car dealership. Thinking about buying a car but still cannot decide if I want to buy a new or used car. So later on I go to a few of my peers and ask what should I do? Personally I rather go used but because it avoids having to pay payments on a vehicle and it is better to buy out of pocket. Which means less bills, then also it has time for the vehicle or previous owner to see if it already has problems and can be fixed. Then finally it gives a wider selection he or she can find customized vehicles that are cheaper than new ones and are easier to find.
My view on new or used vehicles is. I rather have a used car, in my past I have bought wrecked vehicles and fixed them up. They did well for me I knew the vehicles from top to bottom. When I sold the vehicles, they went for a higher price, because of the new things on those vehicles such as new parts, new paint, and new interior. Talking about new or used can come to a conclusion, of what should be needed in the end.
First, having to pay payments on a vehicle is a rough way to go because usually you have to pay them for several years. Even though the car or truck is nice it comes with a payment. If someone goes and buys a brand new truck and drives it off the car lot. It automatically decreases value according to this article,” When you drive a new car off of the lot, you lose money (usually at least $2,000) due to the immediate depreciation of your car. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to lose two grand when you could use that money to add some more nice features on a used car.” (Anonymous) don’t get me wrong. Some dealerships will give you a deal but the hassle of the paper work and payment methods. You are sitting at a desk for a couple hours. Figu...

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...several reason like paying less money monthly then with a new vehicle, and also you can choose a variety of vehicles you would love to have and be able to do what you want to it without paying a fortune, then the last thing is to see what the previous problems were on the vehicle so you know what to look for or the prices on how much they cost which are cheaper on older vehicles and can be fixed easier. (Older vehicles had more room to work in). Like in my views, I see bigger opportunities to play around with an older vehicle. To customize it to the way I like it. In newer vehicles, it can be hard to do that, because in my opinion, it’s a show off vehicle its too nice for me and It doesn’t take a lot to mess it up with customization because of the technology in them, it is easier to mess it up, and everything go crazy as some mechanics say, “There is a demon in it.”

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