Essay on I Am Center Supervisor For Csl Plasma

Essay on I Am Center Supervisor For Csl Plasma

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My intentions are to exercise my desired profession ethically, ensuring patient’s confidentiality, as a devoted wife and mother with a well-rounded life. I will devote my life to prevent diseases by promoting early detection and supporting research. If I can do that, then, my career in medicine will be fulfilled. My objectives are to prevent, research, educate, communicate and collaborate with an interdisciplinary team about advanced treatments and new findings. Indeed, I perceive medicine as a continuous evolving science based on studies and discoveries. Presently, I am Center Supervisor for CSL Plasma, a biopharmaceutical company that develops plasma derived immunoglobulins to treat cancer and other immune deficiencies and genetic disorders.

Bald head, skinny silhouette, and ascites buildup belly, my mom was diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancers. Usually, most kids don’t look forward to hospital visits, but I couldn’t wait to go see her and other patients on her floor. I developed compassion for those who are ill or in a terminal phase from an early age. For three years, doctors mentioned repetitive medical terms such as biopsy, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. I never considered she could lose her fight, but she did. My inner purpose of extending one’s life arose here: a genuine desire to contribute to the advancement of medical frontier. Yearly, I am delighted to see more and more pink ribbon and events around the world that promote breast cancer awareness. My desire is to contribute to cancer awareness movements as a physician assistant by preventing, diagnosing, and treating patients.

Figure skating allowed me to gather my positive memories of her and continued to excel. For instance, I recall my heart pounding during...

... middle of paper ...

...e patient’s life. I enjoyed assessing and processing every details from the moment we looked at the patient’s chart to the final handshake.

As I gained exposure to the medical field, I value the importance of being flexible, open-minded, detail-oriented, and a skillful clinician. In my opinion, another significant quality is the ability to read a patient—to be able to notice verbal and non-verbal cues. For instance, non-verbal behavior can be expressed by nodding to answer a physician’s question. As I am paving my way to reach my goal to become a physician, I acknowledge the challenges that lie ahead; however I endeavor to collaborate with my future peers in order to strive towards one common goal: the patient care. I have the yearning to become a physician assistant, so I can improve and extend the lives as many individuals as possible in my community and beyond.

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