I Am Bored - Original Writing Essay

I Am Bored - Original Writing Essay

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I’m bored.
With all this talk of technological sciences, my brain feels as if it could possibly implode. I hear something about a Tessa-something.
Tessa. That 's a good name.
I allow my focus to wander in my brain, which is a frightening place, or so I 've been told. Then, the glowing blue cube starts making sparks, and things blow around the room. Beams of light shoot out and make a what looks like a doorway. The portal explodes and leaves a man in its place. He has a sceptre in his hand. There 's a guy there 's a guy there is a psycho-looking guy standing right there! Of course, my uncle has to do something, so he says, "Sir, please put down the spear."
Are you kidding me?
The mystery man studies it, then blasts a blue beam of light at an agent. Everyone starts attacking, bullets, knives, and lasers fly. watch from behind something that fell.
Wow, mad skills.
A guy falls on a piece of metal, which hits me hard in the head. I see spots in my vision and can barely hear anything else that 's going on. I finally hear Fury through the buzzing in my head. "We have no quarrel with your people." Mr. Mystery just glares at him. "An ant has no quarrel with a boot." Oh my goodness he has the most terrifying voice of deathly velvet ever. Fury raises his voice a little. "You planning to step on us?" The man finally smiles and looks around the room. "I come with glad tidings of a world made free." And you do this by killing people? Apparently Fury was thinking the same because, he says, "Free from what?" He smirks. "Freedom. Freedom is life 's great lie. Once you accept that in your heart, you will know peace." He puts the tip of his sceptre on Selvig’s chest. Oh, what do you know, a philosophical psycho. Fury looks like he is ...

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...ped off the helicarrier. Loki tricked Agent Coulson with his illusions. DAMN IT LOKI! I accidentally make a computer explode. "Sorry Stark." Someone sets a drink on the kitchen counter. "And you should be." I prepare to swing my katana. "Whoa. Easy there short stuff." Stark. "What the hell Stark. I could 've killed you or something." He just laughs at me. "Well you would just have to take my place if you did, but that would never happen because I am too much for you. You should go back to your room, now." I was going to protest, but he looks serious. "I am going to be in my room listening to music." I start to walk to it, but he grabs me and puts me behind the counter. If you 've ever been thrown behind a counter, it is like when you fall on your butt on skates. If you 've never been skating, go see what happens. "Ma cosa-." He shushes me. "What?!" I whisper.

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