I Am Belonging From The Second World War Essay

I Am Belonging From The Second World War Essay

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World War Two propaganda seemed to have really influenced the actions of the soldiers and the people with due respect to the different issues and thoughts advertised by each country. France and Britain were bent on getting their soldiers to stay and continue to fulfill their duty on the war fronts and the poster I have chosen I believe was created to encourage via one of their posters, “We beat ‘em before, we will beat ‘em again”. I believe that my poster was created by the French and British government to encourage their soldiers to keep fighting on during the Second World War. The following events justify the reasoning for my poster to be belonging from the Second World War period; France and Britain declare war on Germany as a reflex to its invasion of Poland, French and British armies started backing up from the front lines, France surrendering to Germany after continuously fighting and Germany facing defeat in the First World War.
First, Germany had invaded Poland as a defensive act but the unconvinced French and British government responded with a declaration of war. Adolf Hitler had plans to take back the provinces lost to Poland during the first World War under the signing of the treat of Versailles. Hitler had given orders to invade Poland on August 26th, 1939, but these orders came to a halt when Hitler discovered that Britain had signed a treaty with Poland which stated that they would lent support to Poland in case of a war. The Nazi troops tired to deceive the Germans by dressing up in polish uniforms on the German side of the border, displaying an invasion by the Polish army. The troops also dressed up some dead prisoners as polish troops. Germans had attacked the Polish naval forces and bombed the Polish airfields, ...

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...tive and ruthless, which meant that the soldiers from other nations had to do their best in order to take down the Germans. When the French and British soldiers thought, they could no longer continue, this poster was a form of encouragement and faith, which eventually helped them in continuing on with the war.
In conclusion, propaganda was much needed to help encourage the soldiers to keep fighting and to stay put on the front lines. Especially, during the devastating overturns of the attacks during the war; Germans overpowering their enemies, while trying not to face the humiliation twice, came off very strong. In such times, my choice of poster came off as a form of support for the soldiers at the front lines. I also believe that my poster gets its historical context from the details I provided and puts my poster in to the perspective of being from World War 2.

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