I Am At The Pinnacle Of My Professional Career Essay

I Am At The Pinnacle Of My Professional Career Essay

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Bruner. Session1. Journal
At 54 years old I should be at the pinnacle of my professional career. Instead I have been
working at entry level management in the retail industry as it seems to be the only work I can get
since I lost my last “real” job. I was an economic cut back from my mid upper management job
in a local furniture manufacturing company that had been in business for 102 years. I had taken
the job because it was in my hometown and it did not require as much traveling as I had been
doing with my previous work. My father had passed away and I was living with my elderly
widowed mother so the need to be in town was necessary. After 5 years the furniture industry
took a dive along with several others of our US manufacturing giants. I didn’t panic because I
had a good resume with excellent references and skills that I would put up against anyone’s.
The face of hiring practices had changed in those five years I was working in that 102
year old company who although was making high end product and selling it in the high end
markets, their outlook was well… 102 years old. I hadn’t...

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