I Am At A Chocolate City Party At Mit Essay

I Am At A Chocolate City Party At Mit Essay

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It is almost one in the morning and here I am at a Chocolate City party at MIT. The party is packed but, somehow, my friends and I have managed to find a space big enough for us to dance. We are dressed to impress in our revealing dresses, tight jeans, and crop tops. All of us sway side to side to familiar songs but, then, I hear stringed instruments fading in. My friends and I lean in to get a closer listen and identify the next song. We all nod with smiles in approval of the song. Juvenile’s voice blasts through the speakers “Cash Money Records takin’ over for the 99 and the 2000s” and everyone rushes to the dance floor searching for dance partners. The beat drops and all at once we start dancing. I find the closest male to me and start dancing while I mouth the words to “Back That Azz Up”. I know the content of the song degrades women, and I know that, with every gyration, I am losing respect from this man. However, I do not care. I am having fun with my friends and listening to music I enjoy, while showing off my impressive dance skills. As the lights turn on and the party ends, the young man I danced with comes up to me and asks what am I doing later and invites me to his place. I stare blankly at him in disbelief. How could he ask me this? What type of girl does he think I am? Offended by his audacity to associate my dancing with my character, I decline his offer. I leave angry. Why is it so hard to understand that in a party setting it is okay for me to act in this wild manner, but when the lights turn back on, I transform back to my Black feminist, respectable self?
This complicated relationship between being a feminist and being a woman who helps perpetuate the misogyny found in hip hop music, raises the question: Is th...

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...ing on the complicated relationship within this issues area that “includes the contradictions of loving an art that is reluctant to include you; loving men who, at times, refuse to portray you in your totality; and rejecting sexual objectification while actively and proudly embracing your sexuality.” (2011) By having a theory solely based off contradictory experiences, it weakens the very basis hip hop feminists stand on. Instead of demanding respect and reciprocity, it seems that hip hop feminists are making exceptions for some aspects of misogyny in exchange for entertainment and a hope that some form of empowerment will arise. In the case of hip hop feminism, it strongly values autonomy, which is an essential feature to every type of feminism. However, autonomy used to support the misrepresentations of women, it further complicates the premise of hip hop feminism.

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