I Am Asking Dear Letter Essay

I Am Asking Dear Letter Essay

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“I am asking, dear lady,” he told her with a responding smile.
Her expression was one of puzzlement for a moment, but it passed quickly. Marc wondered what was on her mind but did not have time to wonder long. “Are we going in that?” she asked, pointing at the ATV.
“If you have a counter proposal, I am open to suggestions.” He was amused by their conversation but maintained a serious facial expression.
“We could take my car, if the idea does not offend you.”
'She does not want to offend me. I have not been treated as thus before, ' he thought. “I am not offended,” he told her. “But again, I do not wish to be an inconvenience.”
For just a moment, she hesitated but her smile quickly returned and Marc visibly relaxed. Being able to spend the entire day in her company, thrilled him to the very core. He had a difficult time maintaining a calm demeanor. “Allow me a few minutes to adjust my attire, and I will be ready to venture forth.”
“Not a problem. I 'll just warm my coffee. Where is the microwave?”
“Pardon?” Her question startled him and he thought, 'What kind of wave did she say? '
“Your microwave oven? I thought all bachelors had one. Isn 't that like an unwritten law somewhere?” She giggled at the idea then stopped suddenly and bit her bottom lip. “Oh boy... I never even thought to ask. Are you married?”
“Till recently, the mere concept of joining my life to someone in such a permanent manner had not crossed my mind. So the answer to your inquiry is, no, not married.” Marc glanced in her direction just long enough to see her nod her approval. It only seemed polite, though, that he should reciprocate, even though he was already aware of her marital status from her journals. “And you? Do you have a spouse of which I shoul...

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...his shoulder.
“Sure did. You ready to check out?”
“Most assuredly.”
In the car, with new shades on, Marc studied the city map. 'Shades, ' he mused to himself. 'They used to call them shades. I remember it from the term paper I did on this millennium 's slang. Perhaps I will be able to blend in after all. '
“You 're doing it again,” Lily broke in. “Are you going to share this time?”
“Again I was mulling. This is quite a concept--wearing my new shades.” He quickly stole a look at her to see her reaction to the term. But she just responded with, “Yeah, I think they 're pretty cool, too.”
His response was to beam a brilliant smile at her.
“How does one navigate this?” he asked suddenly, totally confused. He turned the map around in every direction and shrugged helplessly.
“Here,” she told him, giggling. “I 'll show you but it’s a moot point since we have my GPS.”

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