I Am As A Reflective Social Scientist Essay example

I Am As A Reflective Social Scientist Essay example

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“Who I Am as a Reflective Social Scientist”
I am a student in the BA completion program, this quarter I am studying psychology in the form of social research and redefining the role of a counselor. I have been able to look at myself as a learner as well as take a look at the profession I want to practice. I have discovered more than I thought I would be as a student at my age. I have learned that my understanding will only grow deeper and more profound as I progress in my degree program. I can see the need for newer and more innovative psychologist in the field and practice of psychology. I know psychology has a lot to do with the provider. In my opinion, the providers history and background helps create the atmosphere between client and provider. We all come to the field with our experiences and in some ways that are what shapes us as professionals. Babbie, (2015), “I have seen the influence on our actions of what we believe others will think about us when we act responsibly” (p. 43). It would be unreasonable in America to believe one action does not impact another action. To think that we could live in a capital city and not become the overcast of working class behaviors that have continuously socialized society though oversaturated experiences of wealth and power.
Furthermore, our thinking is influenced by perception, judgment, experience, and bias. Generally, many causes contribute to each result, outcome, event, or incident. Behar (1996) found “The genres of life history and life story are merging with the testimonio, which speaks to the role of witnessing in our time as a key form of approaching and transforming reality” (p. 27); what does this mean for the provider? We can further hypothesis of how in-depth influence will...

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...e question of who does the work serve” (p. 119). On a micro level, direct services are just as valuable as any. Working with case managers and individuals who go out into the community is an essential element. This instrument creates problem-solving and assists with carving out resources for vulnerable populations. Also, administering assessment tools appropriately and helping individuals overcome barriers such as misrepresentation and provide adequate services.
I would like to say that my experience at this university has been very enlightening and gratifying. I have greatly appreciated the involvement of the school and its instructors in guiding my education and career goals. I have carved out what I would like to be in the community and how I would like my career to look, I owe that to Antioch University, and I hope I continue my education in the same fashion.

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