I Am Applying For The Master Of Finance Program At Princeton University Essay

I Am Applying For The Master Of Finance Program At Princeton University Essay

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I am applying for the Master in Finance program at Princeton University – Bendheim Center for Finance because I believe that this program will help me to grow personally and professionally and become a part of a community of the most intellectual, creative, and inspiring people in the world.
My current academic plan is to get enrolled at Princeton and build a curriculum that will help me the most in pursuing a career in asset management or research. MFin program offers a deep and at the same time very flexible curriculum, which will allow me to choose the courses that will add the most value to my career. I am mostly interested in finance courses that provide applicable knowledge. Among them, Corporate Finance; Venture Capital and Private Equity Investment; Corporate Restructuring, Mergers and Acquisitions; Derivatives; Fixed Income; Valuation and Security Analysis; Asset Management; and Financial Modeling. Then, I plan to demonstrate great academic results. I believe that with my strong academic background and my motivation to work long hours I can achieve it.
In 2015 I graduated from the National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE) in Moscow, Russia, earning a Bachelor in Economics degree. This school provides the most advanced curriculum among all the economic and finance undergraduate programs in Russia. Most of the mathematics courses are taught by professors from the leading Russian engineering and physics universities at almost the same volume. Thus, students who study economics at HSE have the background in mathematics that is as solid as the background of the leading Russian physicists and engineers. As a result, a lot of HSE graduates continue their education at top universities around the world, includi...

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...am in return will be happy to contribute to the school. I will be glad to share my knowledge and experience with other students during and after the classes. I am also an active person and I will be happy to become a member of Graduate Student Government at Princeton University and/or Princeton’s student clubs, organizing and participating in events. I love sports. Being a regional champion in swimming and a solid soccer and basketball player, I am excited to learn more about Princeton’s sports teams and try to contribute. Also, I play guitar and will be glad to use my skills in some music events if I have a chance. More importantly, I am always open for new experiences, for learning and doing something new every day, for developing my skills and widening my knowledge, which is important for becoming a valuable part of such a vibrant community of Princeton University.

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