I Am Applying Eli Broad College Of Business At Msu Essay

I Am Applying Eli Broad College Of Business At Msu Essay

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I am applying to Eli Broad College of Business at MSU to attain the MS degree in Management, Strategy and Leadership. The exemplary quality of education I received while completing my undergraduate studies at MSU helped shape my leadership abilities in both my professional and personal spheres. I feel I would be an excellent candidate for admittance into this graduate program, despite my cumulative GPA falling slightly below the required 3.0 (2.9772). My wealth of hands-on leadership and team-building experience combined with my drive to achieve excellence as a people-centric manager are a few of many reasons I would be a strong addition to your student body.
I worked between 40-70 hours per week while completing my undergrad, and taking between four and eight simultaneously-occurring classes per semester was challenging. Isolating the core classes required for my major in Communication, I achieved a 3.2 GPA. If accepted to this program, I am confident I would achieve an effective work/education/life balance and that the challenges I experienced during my undergrad will not encumber me in my graduate studies. A key reason I am pursuing this graduate program is the ability to take one class at a time as opposed to the traditional approach of multiple courses taken simultaneously. I feel this alternative structure will be crucial to my success.
My professional leadership experience began when I was asked to apply for an open team coach position at the American Cancer Society National Donor Stewardship and Telemarketing Center. I’d been working as a caller for six months and felt ready for a challenge. I felt personally connected to the organization’s mission because my father lost his battle with lung cancer when I was barely ...

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... goal for this team, and we achieved it tenfold.
Completing this program and attaining an MS in Management, Strategy and Leadership will allow me to achieve expertise in all things leadership and people management. Specifically, attaining this degree will increase my chances of moving into higher-level leadership positions within my current organization. My goal at this time is to continue managing the MSABC Centralized Recruitment project through 2017 and obtain a position on the MSABC Vice President’s core-project team, which would be a position alongside my current manager. I have discussed this goal with my current manager and she feels it is certainly attainable and that obtaining this particular graduate degree will help propel me to that level. I am ready to continue cultivating my leadership abilities and I know this program will help me achieve my goals.

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