I Am Apart Of Is The Y Generation Essay

I Am Apart Of Is The Y Generation Essay

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The culture that I am apart of is the Y generation. My generation is social media focused, technology enhanced, Politically Correct individuals who seem to have lost the value of hard work. In terms of the hardest working generations I can think of, no other generation to compare to than the G.I Generation. In terms of relationship to the Y generation, the G.I’s seem to be long gone with a few remaining members around to tell the impressive stories of a time long past. They seem to now be Legends of hard willed soldiers and strong willed women who lived through tough and rocky times and came out clean on the other side.

Impactors of the GI Generation
On October 29th 1929, 16 million shares of stock were sold in a panic that caused millions of these shares to become worthless, and costed millions of Americans their jobs. This major event or impactor is the kind of thing that influences the way a generation acts and behaves and the values that they share. The significant impactors that influenced this generation unfortunately were great tragedies that forced Americans to buckle down just to survive. The three major Impactors the GI Generation had that had the greatest influence on them were, the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, and the second World War. Add how it actually impacts the generation
The Great Depression which as stated above, began on October 29th 1929, on what would become the day known as “Black Tuesday”. When a panicked Wall Street decided to sell millions of shares in one day, the prices of these shares dropped exponentially and became useless, this in turn effected the companies of the stocks that became worthless, costing the companies millions. When these companies lost all this money they were forced to lay ...

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...dy Germany in the hopes that invading Germany would bring the War to an end much sooner. Around 2,500 American soldiers gave up their lives for this plan to come into effect and on May 7th, 1945 Germany surrendered to the allied forces, followed by Japan’s surrender on September 2, 1945. Over the total war 407,316 Americans were killed and 671,278 were wounded.
Overall these impactors were tragedies that made America become unified during this generation. From living in poverty during the Great Depression, potentially losing your farm if you lived in the Dust Bowl, to then immediately fighting in the Second World War. The GI Generation went against the odds and turned out to become one of the most successful generations in American History. They are truly a generation of American men and women whom we can look at as examples of hardworking, patriotic, and duteous.

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