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I Am An Avid Reader Essay

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Creating something through words is my dream. It has been since middle school. That was the time when teachers started letting us really explore creativity in our assignments. That was also when I started to become an avid reader as well. I would either have a notebook or pencil with me or the book that I was reading at the time. Most of the books I read were recommendations that came from friends or one of the librarians. I mostly came up with character sketches during middle school, but when high school rolled around that was a different story. I was writing in notebooks, sometimes even writing excerpts in class. One day my study hall teacher walked up to my desk and asked me what I was working on. I told her that it was a story and I explained to her what the story was about. She thought it was an interesting idea and said that she wanted to read it when it was done. I actually ended up finishing it, but it was really bad in the cliché sense. So it’s sitting in my graveyard folder on my computer. The sky is the limit when it comes to my inspiration and ideas.
I started out with fiction writing and that is primarily what I want to write. It wasn’t until my experience here in the BFA program at Bowling Green State University that I really got into poetry; to be honest I tried to avoid it. I read Edgar Allen Poe in high school and liked that, but I didn’t really find any other favorite poets that I liked until I came across Mark Strand. The way his poetry forms together on the page is breathtaking. The rhythm of his poems is amazing along with the story behind his poetry. Now, I find that poetry isn’t so bad and it can be great to write to. Sometimes the ideas I have aren’t for stories, but for some poems. This is why I have cho...

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... poetry in my thesis. A lot of the challenges that I have made for my fiction are the same as the ones that I made for my poetry. One author that I discovered in middle school was Rick Riordan, the author of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Heroes of Olympus and The Kane Chronicles. The magical realism in these three series involving mythology and modernizing it is what caught my attention. Along with his amazing characters in his books they have great storylines. Actually, one of the short stories that I’ve included in my thesis takes the modernizing approach to the myth of cupid.
In the future I hope to write more about my life experiences in an ambiguous way that way it can be connected to other people. I have already written one poem about this, which is included in my thesis. Some other small aspects have made their way into my works of fiction and poetry.

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