I Am An Athlete And Team Player Essay

I Am An Athlete And Team Player Essay

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When I was around the age of 4, I did ballet. I’m an athlete, who used to attempt to dance in a little pink tutu as a child. As a competitive athlete now, it comes to a surprise to me and my family that I started with dance. I was never as good as the other kids at ballet. I was not even close to graceful or patient. I would sprint through the jumps and compete with all the girls. I would run in circles instead of spin. I would do the exact opposite of whatever I was suppose to do. This lead to a talk with my mom and the instructor about how ballet is not for me, and how I should try a sport like soccer. This discussion lead to who I am today, an athlete and team player. I learned many skills and life lessons through sports. I learned how to get along with different people, how to respect others, and to try new things. I learned how to stay calm in intense situations and learned that it takes hard work to get where you want to be in life, and in sports.
After ballet, I joined a soccer team. I loved soccer. It meant everything to me starting at a young age all the way up to high school. I played on a travel team where girls from different schools were brought together. I thought this was an amazing experience being surrounded by different groups of people and all coming together for one reason. I played soccer prior to middle school, and then when middle school came around I tried out for the school team. I was intimidated because up until then I played with girls the same age as me. As every other sixth grader I kept my mouth shut during the tryout process and didn 't want to bring attention to myself. I made the B team my first year, which was average but not good enough to me. This made me work hard, I would run and practice ev...

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...I would have never thought I would be joining a college lacrosse team instead of a soccer team. The course of events through my life lead me to reaching a goal of being recruited, and meeting the best friends I could ever have.
Without my ballet teacher suggesting soccer as a sport for me, I don’t know where I would be today. I have made life long friends, and have learned many useful skills to get through life. From being the first undefeated soccer team at my middle school to being a lacrosse county champ I learned that hard work pays off. Even when it doesn’t, there is something behind the failure waiting to be brought out. I will hold the lessons I have learned with me for the rest of my life. I will also be forever grateful for the series of events that lead me to being recruited to the Stockton University lacrosse team, and making me the person I am today.

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