I Am Active For A Pediatric Nurse Essay

I Am Active For A Pediatric Nurse Essay

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I am currently majoring in nursing, and plan to become a pediatric nurse. However, before starting high school I wanted to be a veterinarian. Because of this, my mom signed me up to take Health Team Relations my freshman year. At the time, Health Team Relations was a prerequisite course; I was required to take it before being able to continue with what was known as Allied Health I and Allied Health II. I was taught the basics of health care, including terminology and the different careers available in the medical field. Health Team Relations was the course that helped me begin to consider my career options.
I continued to take medical classes throughout high school, however, there were quite a few setbacks. Before the start of my sophomore year, the entire health program was modified; Health Team Relations was no longer taught, Allied Health I and II were renamed Health Science I and II, Nursing Fundamentals became the course required to earn the CNA certification, and every semester seemed to start or end without a teacher.
Once I reached junior year and proceeded into Health Science II, I was without a teacher for over half of the semester. Around five weeks into the semester, the teacher quit; after many breaks and long weekends, the last two weeks of the semester arrived and a new teacher was hired. There was no time left to be taught, so I went into the final exam with only knowledge of the four classes of fire extinguishers and the differences between them. However, I made a good enough impression on the teacher and was allowed to proceed to Nursing Fundamentals.
It was senior year of high school when I decided that I wanted to become a pediatric nurse. In my first semester, I took English IV and dedicated all of my extra...

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...c Nurse). Salary for pediatric nursing can vary depending on education and experience. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the median salary for nurses is $65,470 per year (BSN Degree vs RN). Registered nurses (RNs) with only an associate’s degree earn roughly $39,000 per year, while RNs with a BSN earn around $69,000 (BSN Degree vs RN).
I knew all along that I wanted to help people, but I was not sure how until I began to learn more about the medical field. The constant changes of the health program throughout my four years of high school, Dr. Kahai’s dedication to her practice, and Mrs. Hines’ commitment to make sure I followed through with my career goals helped me to decide what exactly I wanted to do in the medical field. Before the end of senior year I was unsure of my next step, but now I can say with confidence that I plan to become a pediatric nurse.

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