Essay on I Am A Warm And Nurturing Person

Essay on I Am A Warm And Nurturing Person

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I am a very warm and nurturing person. People feel at ease around me and often turn to me when they need support, advice or a calm voice and understanding. I would say ‘who I am’ and who I hope to be is a committed, warm, affectionate (there is no lacking for hugs in our home!) kind and understanding wife and mother. I face the challenges in my life head on and usually I’m able to achieve what I work hard for, my parents instilled this lesson in me and it is one that, as a parent, I emphasize as well. Succeed, or not succeeding it is making the effort and seeing those efforts through that we emphasize in our home.

I love to laugh and can be very goofy (to amuse the toddler in my life), spend time with my husband and son, family and friends. I am imaginative and like to look for fun new ways to experience the world. This is especially true now that I am a mother as I get to experience the whole world through a new set of eyes, with a completely different perspective. I love showing the magic the world has to offer to our son, it truly is the biggest joy and blessing that being a...

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