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I Am A Voracious Learner Essay

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Furthermore, I am a voracious learner and within a year of taking my current job, built a reputation as somebody who cares deeply about knowledge and how that can instruct quality leadership. This regularly brings coworkers into my office, asking for advice, opinions, or suggestions on their work. While I am not a communications expert, our communications director asks that I proofread his major pieces because he knows I have put the time and effort into understanding his craft and the value of well-presented information. Several months back, my boss approached me with a complex math problem, knowing I have a passion for learning and probably cared to remember trigonometry from high school. He was right. This strength ties in closely with my next, that is, my penchant for intellectualism. I deeply value introspective thought and intellectual conversation. I greatly enjoy finding connections, meanings, and historical context in my work and as long as I lead and pastor people within religious institutions, this strength is irrefutably indispensible
In what other ways do these strengths find use in my work? To start, they bolster my ability to effectively manage people. As a supervisor, I need to understand that people will come to me for advice in their careers and positions. In a study of finance professionals, 82% of respondents shared that they want to discuss career plans with their bosses on an annual or quarterly basis (Geer & Pittelkow, 2016). As an thinking and principled leader, I can offer better management of my employees both for their current job and towards their future job. When I care about the big picture, the historical context, and the specific aspects of my team members’ jobs (things that all result from being a...

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...ace where I can manage and lead an organization in the effort of promoting greater community flourishing and human welfare. The plan to get there involves a combination of academic and professional initiatives, paired with tenacious work ethic and ambition.
Where does this leave me? We have examined excellent resources available through the Colorado State University Global Campus Career Center, evaluated various aspects of my leadership using resources therein, witnessed an exposition of my strengths and their alignment with essential leadership skills, and sorted through where I am headed and what it will take to get there. Through all of these things, in the process of crafting this portfolio, I have come to realize better my skills and gain better awareness of my deficits. A long road remains and I will walk it with the utmost confidence and elation.

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