I Am A. 1.virtue Ethics Is The Most Important Concept I Learned Essay example

I Am A. 1.virtue Ethics Is The Most Important Concept I Learned Essay example

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Every Day We Learn Something New

1.Virtue ethics is the most important concept I learned in class. I learned that the commitment to being a good and virtuous person is the key to an ethical life. Having this said, in order to have an ethical life I need to dedicate myself to being an excellent person. My virtues will be the face of whom I am. Many of these virtues will come from my early childhood and from home. If one day I will come a manager, I will embrace to have a good character by doing the right things based on my ethical principles rather because following the rules. Having a good character will imply being good in any situation that I will come across, in other words being virtuous all the time. Having a good character matters, this will defined me as a virtuous person, which will lead me to be a better person overall. For example, I will not steal from my coworkers because that’s just something I don’t do, rather than I won’t steal of my coworkers because I could get in trouble.

The more virtues manager I can be, the more admirable I will look for others. On the other hand if I am have more vices, the less admirable I will be. Being virtues should be viewed as the entire time thing, I won’t just be virtuous at work, and I will be virtuous at church, with my family and with everyone. Of course virtues should focus towards being good, being honest to my coworkers is a practice that I will try to embrace. Phronesis is the practical reason and judgment of knowing what is good; this means that I will be able to make good judgments in situations where I can use practical wisdom. For example, if a coworker tells a lie on me, I won’t do the same to him or her because I know that lying won’t solve the problem.
Being a virtu...

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... might not like it at the moment but it will pay off someday. I know that a semester won’t change me to become an expert writer but it will sure lead me to the right track. English as my second language has been my challenge ever since I came to the US, but I have to say, I have learned more on this and OB class than what I learned on ENG 101 and ESL classes. This is one of the activities in which I learned the most, also the lecturing and group class journals. As a student, I find these classes very interesting and worth taking, the presentations were a great tool to learn from other student’s perspectives. I feel so familiar will all the topics that we saw in class that I can tell you what bourgeousi and proliterain means from the tip of my tongue. I know that no everyone has the same point of view, but I personally want to thank you. Você é um grande professor de!

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