I Am A Very Goal Oriented Person Essay

I Am A Very Goal Oriented Person Essay

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When looking forward seven years I am excited, nervous, and anxious for how my life will turn out. I am a very goal-oriented person so I have a concise plan for how I want the rest of my life to look like. Once I figured out I had a love for English, I quickly decided I wanted to be a teacher. In seven years, I plan on being married and starting a family as I go through the first couple years in my teaching career.
Ever since I was a young child I always had a passion for books and reading. You could always find me with some sort of reading material; my family often had to tell me “No books at the dinner table,” because I could never seem to put books away. Throughout high school I found refuge in my English class, hanging on the end of my teacher’s ord as other students took a nap break. My senior year I took a British literature course and fell in love. I had read Jane Eyre two years prior and already took a liking to the classics, but since year I became infatuated with them. With every story we read I became more and more interested. Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Emma Orczy’s The Scarlet Pimpernel, it didn’t matter the genre, I loved them all. When family, friends, and teachers asked what I wanted to study in college I responded enthusiastically with “English!” I figured, what better way to enjoy my years at college than studying what I love, books.
After I figured out my major, people began asking me the one question all freshmen college students hate, “What are you going to do with your degree?” I didn’t know how to answer. I always thought I’d figured it out after graduation. I’ve always enjoyed helping peers in my class understand a novel or explaining a passage to someone. I realized I wa...

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...h England and would love to take my family there to show them where many of my favorite authors lived and wrote their amazing works. I plan on bringing my children up on the publications of authors like Shakespeare, the Bronte sister, Jane Austen, and others.
I have a detailed plan on how I would like my life to go. In seven years I hope I am able to achieve all I have set out to. I hope to be able to teaching AP British Literature classes along with being able to continue writing on the side. I hope to raise a family in a community that is close knit. Being able to travel all over the world with my family, especially England, is another big dream of mine that I hope will happen in seven years. If, however; my life does not turn out exactly how I want it, I hope in seven years I will be able to find comfort and stability in whatever direction my life does take.

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