Essay on I Am A Teacher Ms. Faulkner

Essay on I Am A Teacher Ms. Faulkner

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Everyone that crosses our path in life has a purpose, they bring with them a lesson or blessing. Their lessons are valuable, helping us make sense of certain situations we may meet. As for teachers, they influence our lives greatly. Teachers have the ability to sculpt bright futures out of even the most disengaged or careless students. Our experiences with them effect our future and make us who we are today. Various people have taught me that anything is conceivable. However, the one genuine individual that has made me really trust this is my freshman biology teacher Ms. Faulkner.
Whether or not she is aware of it, Ms. Faulkner has inspired me to work hard for the best in life and go after what I truly deserve. In the beginning of freshman year, I was not doing my work to the best of my ability or paying attention. I used how challenging school work was as an excuse to not even try, because in my mind “I would only fail”. I was simply one of those careless students that just wanted to coast by high school. And in my eyes, having Ms. Faulkner as a teacher did not make my year anymore enjoyable. She gave endless amounts of homework and notes; I barely passed some of her quizzes. She would always use her little acronyms,“RIF” meaning reading is fundamental and “KIS” keep it simple, to try and guide us through how we should answer our questions. Like any other high school student, I thought she was just trying to ruin my life. I saw her as being mean and without empathy. But my opinion soon changed, she just wanted to bring the best out of us. Ms. Faulkner said something truly meaningful one day on parent teachers night, in her eye it may have not meant much but to me it did. She told me “ You are smart and could be doing better.” ...

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... teacher investing their time in a student is meaningful.
Getting this scholarship will lift a great amount of stress off of me and my family’s shoulders. We are attempting to do our best right now, however it seems as if it is not enough. This scholarship will help me concentrate on my studies because right now I am overwhelmed with stress and anxiety. I am unaware of where my tuition money will come from. Knowing that a part of my tuition may be paid for will allow to save for college, as it has been hard for me now since I have had to tap into my college funds to pay for Spellman. I genuinely need this scholarship because it will calm some of my mothers worries. My mom works part time and goes to school additionally, which does not give her much leeway to obtain the job she truly deserves. She is doing her best and I simply just want to help her. She deserves it.

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