I Am A Student Of Color Attending A University With A Predominantly White Population

I Am A Student Of Color Attending A University With A Predominantly White Population

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I am student of color attending a university with a predominately white population. Although my academic achievements speak volumes there are many who believe I should not be at this university. Others believe I am simply here on affirmative action. For these reasons it is hard to fully engage myself on this campus the way in which my white peers do. I partially engage myself by conforming to mainstream society. Since this mainstream society is mostly white I have been forced to learn how to compromise many particulars of being black. This essentially means changing my appearance, speaking style as well as historic values at least in this particular mainstream setting. I have two identities. One socially acceptable while the other is less valued in society.
I do this because I do not want to be perceived negatively by my non-black counter parts. However, this is becoming too much to deal with. Balancing a full time academic load while maintaining two social identities has lead me in to a state of normlessness. I feel lonely because I can’t relate to anyone. Why is this? Well, I hardly share any common values with my peers. I honestly feel like I don’t understand anyone here. As of result I distant myself from others. This has created a huge disconnect between myself and other students on this campus. Life is now unpredictable since I have no sense of direction. Although I compromise my identity in society I deviate behind closed doors and society’s norms have not stopped me from doing that yet. Thus social values are poorly defined for me. Hmmm but maybe I should comply with the rues from now on to change this unfortunate predicament but I’m afraid following the rules in society will get me killed.
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...est? The more power you have the more control you have over those with little power. Universities more often then not take money from those like myself who struggle to make ends meet, broke college students. Likewise tuition continues to rise, so does books and basic necessities. As an out of state student I am forced to take out loans to support my higher education as well as myself. Intuitions like this will continue to be in power because they are needed. In fact in modern society it is essential to obtain higher education in order have a reasonable salary. A reasonable salary equates to a reasonable life, which is why we will do what ever we feel we have to do in order make a comfortable live for ourselves. In addition to enjoy the temporary materialist things that make us happy only for the moment until we crave more unknowingly creating a cycle of unhappiness.

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