Essay on I Am A Strong Independent Sikh Woman

Essay on I Am A Strong Independent Sikh Woman

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I am a strong independent Sikh woman and I am raised by two amazing parents that taught me everything about my gender. Without a doubt they raised me the old school way especially with the Indian background but I am proud of who I am. Although I have found my gender there is a little twist to my preferences than other people. The gender role I was given at birth was female therefore I grew up playing with dolls and loving the color pink. Since I was young my mom played an important part in my life because like most kids I grew up wanting to become my mom even if she does work a pink collar job. Living in a family filled with men I was never interested in playing with cars and Legos because in the back of my mind I knew that was not very lady like of me to do. As the years passed by I continued to obey the Indian culture but my parents eased up with their norms.
Many social institutions helped shape my gender but my religion was one the main factors. In my religion it is prohibited to interact with boys that the women do not know which was a form of discrimination because we were not clear about their intentions. Besides that, while growing up my parents came around to the idea of me having both boy and girl friends with time things changed for me. Being a part of this class this year has had a very big toll on me too. Reading the book Full Frontal Feminism changed my thoughts because the author made me realize how I am actually a true feminist. Like the author said “we’re all brought up to feel like there’s something wrong with us. We’re too fat. We’re dumb. We’re too smart” (Valenti 7). Reading that statement made me realize how right she is. For instance, many people would tell me and point fingers saying that I am very fat bu...

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...n the future that could change with all these new regulations coming out and sometimes change is good to have in your life. I view myself as feminist women in which helps me carry the roles of my gender. Without a doubt life is difficult even in the U.S. for a woman but I have motivation which should not affect the person I want to shape into.The type of person I truly am on the inside and with my mentality should determine how much money I should earn at my job and not based it upon how many children that I want in the future. I will go to the gym and bench fifty pound if I want to and I honestly do not care if people stare at me. Lastly if I want to pay on date then I should be able to do that as well. I am very young and many things are bound to shift in life. Although as long as my intentions are clear I will be able to live life being a strong independent woman.

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