Essay about I Am A Sophomore At The University Of Texas

Essay about I Am A Sophomore At The University Of Texas

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To be a sophomore at the University of Texas is such an honor, but making it this far was not as easy as I imagined. As a learner I have had to reinvent myself constantly since freshmen year but I still have a tendency to be a lazy and easily frustrated yet persistent learner. My first semester I would describe myself as a naïve learner, who did not realize the difference in college learning from high school. However, my second semester allowed me the opportunity to develop studying habits from scratch based on my drive. This drive was not supported by any real learning strategy it was merely force feeding information to myself. This type of “learning,” has stuck with me and I am hoping this semester to evolve into a smart learner. A smart learner, to me, does not necessarily mean getting straight A’s, but being able to comprehend and use my new found knowledge. My learning was greatly influenced by my environment when I was younger, which was purely competition based. Competition brings out the best in people but it caused me to study nervously and fear failure greatly. These feelings developed into a sort of social anxiety towards studying, tests, and asking for help with my failures. Now that I am out of that environment it is much more of a relaxed environment to learn with less stress about being the best.
Growing as a learner was something I never realized I would need to do, until I got my first exam score back in my economics class freshmen year. I was so wide eyed and mesmerized by the college experience that I let my naïve mind think that I could still get away with high school style study habits, or lack thereof. The class challenged me in many ways such as focusing, keeping up with supplemental reading, and most impo...

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...idence and overcoming my environment I need to continue to work to improve my social skills and ability to become comfortable in a hostile environment, whether at home or in the classroom. Without this negative in calculus I I would not have been able to succeed in it at UT. However, my persistence is something that I feel can be the foundation for turning things such as time management and goal setting into strengths. The most beneficial of all would have to be the improvement of my social anxiety, something that gets easier with age. Once I overcome this anxiety my environment will not cause distractions to my learning process. My ability to succeed in my economics class was due to study groups which I could not handle in my younger days. If I can overcome my personal issues and begin to properly use my persistence I know I can succeed in any new challenge I face.

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