I Am A Sophomore At The University Of California Essay

I Am A Sophomore At The University Of California Essay

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I am currently a sophomore at the University of California, Davis. Due to its diversity, I was able to encounter and meet a lot of international students in this school. Back when I was a freshman, I spoke to many international students and I notice that many of them excel in different courses such as math and science. Yet many international students disclosed to me that they struggle in English like me. Most of the students that I spoke have a difficulty in learning the context thought. This led me to what may be the cause of this problem such as the fast phase of the class and also not requiring international students to learn an additional language such as Spanish.
As like to many international students, I do also struggle in English. Almost five years ago I emigrated from the Philippines to the U.S. Before coming to the United State, I only know minimal to noting about English. When I attended high school here in the U.S, I was required to take addition additional English classes on top or regular English class. Back then I had a hard time speaking, and reading in English. On top of that, we where also required to learn another language such as Spanish, French or Latin. As a personal example, I already had a hard time learning the context in English, now I am required to learn another one. It frustrated me a lot, not only because I have to learn another one, but also I already know my national language used from where I came from. A solution for this problem maybe as simple as making a test of the language that the student speak and if they pass this can be a substitute for taking another language. This would solve the problem of students taking more classes that they do not need and focus more to what they needed.
With t...

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...ree with English classes. However, any other language classes should be optional and available to people who are willing to learn, instead of forcing every student.
After all, language is used to express thoughts and ideas to each other. It is a ways for people to communicate and express their feelings to other people. Yet as time flies by more and more people are starting to be concerned about the educating system, the reason for languages has now become unjust. Students should learn for the sake of knowledge, not for grades. If this problem cannot be solved, more and more students would gradually retaliate against the idea of being forced to learn not just languages, but as well as courses that they are not passionate about.
It may seem that it would be hard to implement such changes, but I have a high hopes that this changes will have a great impact to everyone.

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