I Am A Pre K Four Teacher At Eagle Academy Public Charter School Essay

I Am A Pre K Four Teacher At Eagle Academy Public Charter School Essay

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I am a Pre-K four teacher at Eagle Academy Public Charter School. I 'm applying for the $10,000 Teacher Creativity Fellowship Grant. I acknowledge that this award offers financial resources to teachers and allow the recipient of the grant to spend time during the summer month developing an instructional experience that will be implemented and evaluated during the upcoming fall semester. This instructional experience will improve my present knowledge of cultural teaching and help me support the 21st-century skills. Please consider my classroom for this excellent opportunity.

Audience and Rationale

I teach at an early childhood school, educating 18 students that are 4-5 years old. The school is in an urban area that is not ethnically or culturally diverse. The majority of the children come from low-income families. In the past before moving we had an ethnicity or culturally different families that were military attend the school and made such a significant influence to the school. We are striving to become more culturally diverse to include more minority cultures in the community. In the program, we are working to meet the needs of all children through a culturally diverse curriculum. The curriculum is to help the students use their ability while encouraging them through scaffolding and learning new skills. Through collaboration I 'm able to get to know the students on an individual basis, I can find out more about experiences and cultures. Traditions and ceremonies are important to children as culturally relevant and important to help reinforce the values of each family. According to Ladson-Billings (1995), "To get students involved in culturally appropriate is to use students cultures a vehicle for learning. Being an educator,...

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...ities to include the all the children. Using a variety of techniques and activities that interest the children in the program by involving children 's culture and prior knowledge will add meaning and relevance knowing that they are involved in their learning experience this is a part of real/simulated experiences. Culture and relevancy for each child in the program will help activate children 's interests that will add purpose to the lessons for children.

Children need to have their senses intrigued to have a deeper learning experience and to help inspire their creativity. Letting children have the opportunity to travel can be a great learning experience. You don 't have to take a trip on a bus, plane or car, it can be exploring online, books, etc. Once children exposed to new cultures, sight, sounds, languages, and food, they will be more skillful to culture.

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