Essay about I Am A Person Who Person An Equal Chance

Essay about I Am A Person Who Person An Equal Chance

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I’ve always thought of myself as an accepting person and one who was willing to learn. I have always tried to give every person an equal chance, because you never know what potential that person may have to affect your life be it good or bad. I wasn’t always, at a younger age, accepting of people who were different than me. When I say different, not people who act different or like different things than I do, I mean people of a different race or religion. I was very unaware of other cultures and surroundings because I lived in a sheltered small town. I feel that being unaware and uneducated in diversity was and is one of my biggest down falls. I am aware of how much and how willing I am at learning about things that I want to learn. I have over the last several years become much more aware of all the differences around me and how I can improve myself by learning to be aware. I feel that learning and the willingness to learn is my biggest attribute.
Diversity, stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination are things that are followed very closely in the workforce. It is my feelings that in order to be a good manager or director, a person needs to be aware of these things consciously at all times. I would define diversity, in my own words, as a mixture of religions and ethnicities in any area of the world or in a corporate setting. Diversity though is not something that a person needs to become better at or is good at, but it’s something that a person needs to be accomplished at being aware of as a leader. I feel I have strong points and points of improvements when it comes stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination. I will discuss these points throughout this paper and hope to do discuss my strong and weak points.
I grew up in a v...

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...s religions in my past. I feel that I have taken the correct steps to help myself overcome some of these negative paths that my road was headed down, but as most of us well know, it is hard to not stereotype in some ways. It is very much human nature, but it is a human nature trait that we can continue to gain upon in a positive way. By learning to educate ourselves about other races and religions can help us to stop any stereotyping ways. For my future I think I can benefit by steering my way to talk to more people with different cultures, ethnicity, and religions so that I can learn from them. I also want to share what I have to offer to them so that they can learn in the same way that I am. I think that in doing this, not only will it help me to become a better leader in any place that I work, but it will help me to become much more diverse as a person in general.

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