I Am A Nontraditional Student Essay

I Am A Nontraditional Student Essay

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I am a nontraditional student who began this journey in the summer of 2013. I contacted the Director at the Slac Lab Geraldo R. Guerra, and requested permission to receive tutoring. I was not a student at the time but registered for the fall semester. Mr.Guerra, replied by saying “yes we can help but I need to get it prior approval first. “Within the twenty four hours I received a phone call and I was granted permission and assigned a tutor. I came to San Antonio College once a week for a 15-30 minutes tutoring session for the entire summer. The first semester I earned a 3.75 GPA, Second, semester 3.62 GPA, third, semester 3.0 GPA, fourth, semester 3.50, and currently this is my fifth semester here while holding down a 3.52 GPA. By this example Mr.Guerra and the San Antonio College Administration had demonstrated that any new potential student will be the most important person here on campus.

To this day I continue to believe that any new student here on campus is one of the most important person(s) that will need some type of assistance or guidance. This can include registering for classes, providing a recommendation on what professor to take, filling them in on Rate My Professor and even helping redirect a lost student trying to find a building on their first day of classes.

Has he or she forgot what it is like to be a new student here?
Has anyone else experienced what it feels like to start a new semester with a new round of professors?
Has anyone forgot what it feels like your first meeting at Phi Theta Kappa Honor’s Society?
Has anyone else forgot the first thing the College does for its new Students?

I am sending this letter to express my concerns in the way how new members are being brought into Phi Theta Kappa Honors...

... middle of paper ...

... Lake City, Vermont,Florida, and the like. I am speaking on behalf of the other students who know they have a voice but unsure how or what to explain how even know how to explain themselves. Remember at the end of the meeting it was asked for volunteers for the fund raising committee and maybe one or two students volunteered. Is it possible they could be feeling the way I was. Totally used and excluded from the information to fill in the blanks to feel included rather than excluded.

If the new student is the most important person on campus? Why is it we the new members are having orientation after the officers get what they want? Meaning voting on issues when we do not even know everything what this chapter has to offer its members because we were not given an orientation first?

What will be different next semester so this doesn’t happen again to its new members?

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