Essay on I Am A Non Healthy Sleeping Pattern For Three Years

Essay on I Am A Non Healthy Sleeping Pattern For Three Years

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I have been having non-healthy sleeping pattern for three years since my senior year in high school. I usually sleep at 2 am. I was in the pre-contemplation stage for the first two years of sleeping late because I did not feel fatigue very often during the day, and I functioned well. However, since last year, I started to get very tired almost every day, along with chest discomfort and low sleeping quality. Ever since then, I started planning to change my sleeping pattern by going to bed before midnight.
I analyzed the reason why I sleep late, planned several strategies to modify it and set my short-term and long-term goals. The condition when the behavior of sleeping late is most likely to occur is when I procrastinate finishing assignments and paper and when preparing for the exams. Therefore I made a plan of changing my unhealthy sleeping pattern with four strategies: modifying antecedents, constantly taking records of when I go to bed, positively rewarding myself, and making a contingency contract with my roommate. My short-term goal is sleep before midnight in a frequency of 4 days minimum out of a week, while my long-term goal is to sleep before midnight everyday. During the 5 weeks of action, controlling the antecedents and making a contingency contract with my roommate did not promote my healthier sleeping pattern. However, constantly taking records and positively rewarding myself helped me achieve some progress that I go to bed before midnight for at least three days out of a week.
The First strategy I took was to modify antecedents, and it failed because of the abstinence violation effects. Before fall quarter began, I scheduled my courses evenly from Monday to Friday. Besides, I made a detailed timetable to schedule my...

... middle of paper ...

...he motivation of healthy sleeping. Therefore, I made an alternative reward of eating Chinese cuisine. I can reward myself with either one of them and also possibly add a new reward in the future. Positively self-rewarding is currently the most effective way to promote healthy sleeping habit for me.
In the five weeks of self-modification of the unhealthy sleeping habit, after tried out several methods, such as the modifying antecedents and the contingent contracting, but have not receiving continuous positive outcomes, the strategy of positively self-rewarding with the constantly record keeping showed progress in promoting healthy sleeping pattern. Continuing my high self-efficacy and the high active coping, I believe I can gradually achieve my short-term goal of not sleeping late for 4 days out of a week, and also my long-term role of lifetime healthy sleeping habits.

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