I Am A Mother Of A Premature Baby Essay

I Am A Mother Of A Premature Baby Essay

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Experiences can change lives.
Sometimes certain experiences can change us forever whether there good or bad experiences but we always learn about them. There are two events that happened to me last year, from those events I learned how to be more patient with others, learn to deal with problems and look for solutions instead of making those problems bigger. Also to be strong every time that something bad happens to me, to never give up only because it seems difficult. One of those was to become a mother of a premature baby one experience that I will never forget. I never thought I will have the strength that you need as a mom of a premature baby. The second one happened almost a week later, my grandfather passes away. From these two events I learned how life can change on any second and the hardest part is to learn how to deal with those changes.
Because I was over joy when I got home the first words that came out of my mouth were I am pregnant. Everyone was so happy, they started to hug me and my husband. I was so blessed; as a result, I cried. I was having a boy, our first baby boy. At that moment I did not know that months later, my happiness was going to change. At my follow up appointment the doctor told me that I was at high risk of losing my baby. After a disappointment doctor’s appointment, I went back home, but this time I did not have good news. I really did not know what to think at that moment, since I was so confused, sad and mad at me at the same time. I was asking my self was it something that I did, that made this happen? How am I going to tell my daughter? She would always told me how excited she was about being “the big sister”. Later that afternoon I received a call from the doctor’s office, they wanted to see ...

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...everyone happy and smiling even though he was not there to celebrate with us physically. At the end we all knew that he was looking us celebrating like he wished. Because of what happen, I can say that I learn a lot, now I spend more time with my family, husband and kids. I tell them every day how much I love them and how much I care about them. I do not know if I am going to live tomorrow, that is why I am not going to lose any time that I can spend with them.
For my conclusion, I just want it to say that I realize how strong and patient and can I be. I experience this two events that I did not think that I could be able to deal with, but I did it. I never give up, and just took the things day by day. Sometimes life can be hard, but now I just think that there are so many people dealing with bigger problems than me and if they can continue with their life, so do I.

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