I Am A Leader That Never Stops Learning Essay

I Am A Leader That Never Stops Learning Essay

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When it comes to leading others it is a task/ position where you never stop learning. In order to be an effective leader you must adapt and continuous grow in your leadership role. Growing up I heard the quote by William Burroughs, when you stop growing you start dying. I believe this true because when you settle with what you have or know you tend to miss out on better opportunities.

I want to be a leader that never stops learning. When thinking back on previous leaders I admire and skills I hope to adapt I think about things that is not only beneficial to me but my team. I have provided a list of skills that I believe will help emerging leaders that I found beneficial.

Openminded, people come from different backgrounds and cultures which can bring diversity to a team. Diversity is something I encourage in all aspects of life. Being a leader that encourages others, not only builds a stronger bond but encourages innovation.

Have poise. Be a leader that carries their self well. I was always told dress for success. How you carry yourself also shows your confidence. If you are not competent in your position how do you expect others to respect you in your leadership role?

Competent. As leader it is important you learn as much as possible to help lead your team and to assist clients. Being equipped with the skills and knowledge will help others find confidence in you and your team will trust you to lead them. When I first became a leader I was scared because I was going to manage two new employees in a position. Later on I shared how scared I was when I first started and my team was amazed to hear how I was scared. They said, they could not tell because I carried my self and spoke with confidence. But I quickly became trained a...

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...task much harder because you don’t know who you can depend on. Compassion is big too when developing a bond with your team. Showing empathy and that you care for your staff shows they are more than a paid employee. Stability is big in my current career, banking. This can make or break a team tremendously. Individuals do not like the feeling of no stability and will look for other jobs if they sense it. As a leader you must communicate and make the employees feel their jobs are safe. Last but no least hope. We must give our employees hope for the future. Again if employees feel they are at a dead end have nothing to work for then they will leave the company.

Overall I have enjoyed this class and the Strengths Finder book. The book has been very beneficial and I’ve learned a lot about myself as a leader and discovered skills I hope to develop as an emerging leader.

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