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I Am A Last Session Essay

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I am going to consider this our last session, I could continue to see you forever, but we are about to run out of things to talk about so here goes (know Ill always reply to you, you are a phenomenal), you along with God, Family, Friends and Emory have killed the Charlie and Ben. The only one left is Charles B.

I appreciate you checking on me, I did resign on Tuesday and told my boss I had left all my baggage with you (speaking hypothetically, some are to small minded to get it), but that’s one of the ways I am “unique”. This might be the last load I drop off, I trust you to do what ever you want with it, I’ll start with a blank page, a better page. I’ve read if you carry more than your load it will wear you down and that’s correct. I’ve always been a simplest in my own space, just not in my head. I’ve learned you can carry your own cross pretty well, but if you start caring others you do not move and it becomes quick sand fast. People will always latch on like a leach if they see you are strong.

Perhaps that resignation email came across very wrong (it was on my iphone). The Emory police did show up last night at my apartment, thankfully my friend was there and it didn’t look like I was crazy, although they said your name was Jaz, not Jad. I would never hurt myself or anyone else EVER, I am like Canada. I’ve just made bad choices in the past but its time to move on and get some fresh air that’s needed. I’m done carrying around things that are completely out of my control. Yes, I would love to personally fix world problems (HIV, Hunger, economy, cancer, others belief and Donald Trump) but then we wouldn’t need organizations like Emory and all its swag, with phenomenal providers. I am just one person, with a fire in me th...

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...ntil it becomes unhealthy for you as well, Emory provided this for me when I needed it most. I know my time at Emory is up and its time to see what other mountain I can climb (not alone).

I finished my Finance class except for 2 more small responses, you were right I might get a B and that’s perfectly fine with me. My cousin works with college students and after a service projects they would always get in a circle to do “reflection” and what they learned from the experience. Well let me tell you, I could easily write self help books about my experiences and how to get dig yourself out of quick sand. I know I am not alone and we are truly “All in this together” as Emory says. Take Care Jad and stay the same, you are welcome to email me at charles_reppert1@eku.edu, Emory is cutting me off after tomorrow and I am ready to start a new book in my own life.

Thank you!

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