I Am A Hero Like The Men And Women Essay

I Am A Hero Like The Men And Women Essay

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Wake up, go to work, return home to a family; the cycle repeats over and over with little to no damage. This statement is true for most people, but when you are a medic, you never know what will happen. What we see and live with on an everyday basis is not for most people, so next time you see an ambulance remember only a special person can be a medic. Few can race the reaper, but even less can win.
“I fly down the highway, got no time to kill. Only the Lord knows if we’ll win. It’s a race against the clock; the golden hour’s all he’s got. There’s a desperation in the cool night wind; can’t let that angel win again.” (Sequoia Rain)
My journey began at a very young age. I was four when I began to finally understand what my family did as medics and firemen, and from that day I knew I wanted to be a hero like the men and women I had grown up with. At the age of eight, I received my Health Care Provider certification, making me one of the youngest people to receive this certification. From this point, I could do nothing but imagine receiving my next certification. Unfortunately, I was forced to wait until last year to continue with my medical education, but now nothing will stop me.
Since last year, I have begun working on an ambulance. There are many good days, but there are more bad days. On days we are lucky we only get calls having to do with a stubbed toe, but when bad days come, there is no stopping them. I have run hundreds of calls, but I only remember a select few, some days I wish I had never seen them. The following calls, are the events that have impacted my life. Sadly, impact is not always a good thing.
Dispatch: 141. We have a complaint of an elderly man in need of a lift assistance.
Ambulance 141: 141. In route. ETA a...

... middle of paper ...

...l I will never forget his parents faces that night. As the medics were treating Ben and everyone was yelling at me, the entire time they just stared praying I would give them an answer. Praying I would say he will be fine and not to worry, but I knew I couldn’t tell them a lie. To this day every time I see his mother, all I can do is remember the tear filled eyes. The look begging for an answer, but no answer to be given.
“Wipe her tears out of her eyes, as she tells her baby goodbye. Another young soul was lost today. Why did her life end this way?” (Sequoia Rain)
As I recall these events, I understand why they happened. Like I have stated before, I wish I would have never had to experience them, but I understand now the significance of them. I am one of the select few chosen to race the reaper, my job now is to win and appreciate how sensitive our lives truly are.

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