I Am A Head Administrator Who Leads A Vision Essay

I Am A Head Administrator Who Leads A Vision Essay

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A vision: something that we see in our mind, a person we wish to be, a place we want to be, a task we wish to complete, how does one move a vision to a reality? We begin the process by defining our vision, looking at where we were and what brought us to where we are now, introspectively looking at our skill base, through specialization self-assessments; learning our strengths and weaknesses, defining our purpose and by setting goals which will move us forward in the direction of our vision. I feel confident in who I am and what brought me to where I am today. Through an introspective analysis of my skills I have determined my strengths as well as my weaknesses. I am able to articulate my purpose and identify what drives that purpose. I know that I have a strong desire to be a head administrator who leads a team dedicated to changing the lives of students with disabilities towards their maximum level of independence through setting goals, functional curriculum, work skills and living independence. I will begin to bring this vision to reality by meeting my four primary goals.

Table of Contents
Introduction 1
My Purpose and Vision as an Education Professional 1
Specialization Self-Assessment 3
My Long-Term Goals 3
Conclusion 4

Creating a Professional Vision
My career began 27 years ago as a school based speech pathologist in New Jersey for seven years. I am currently a special education teacher/special education coordinator for a charter school located in North Carolina. I have been in this position for four years. Prior to this position, I was a special education advocate for families trying to navigate the special education process, as well as a certified therapeutic riding instructor for PATH International. Ov...

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...e that they can apply to their work and to their lives will be the movers and shakers in our society for the indefinite future.” (Tracy, n.d.) I hope to become a “mover and shaker” in the field of special education by filling the gap for those students with moderate cognitive disabilities.
While starting a private school seems like an overwhelming task, I know that this goal is absolutely attainable. I have served on two boards of directors for start-up non-profit organizations which serve special education students, so I know the work necessary to take a vision to reality. I also believe that my current positon as EC Teacher and EC Coordinator are challenging my skills and preparing me for what lies ahead. Finally, there is a school in Charlotte, North Carolina, Philip’s Academy, doing very similar work to that of the school I wish to start. Finishing my degree is j

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