I Am A Great Thanksgiving Holiday Essay

I Am A Great Thanksgiving Holiday Essay

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I hope this finds you well and that you had a great Thanksgiving Holiday. As you might be aware, we recently received the unfortunate news that Madison’s cancer has returned. Since January 2013, she has now been diagnosed with cancer four times. Needless to say, we are all heartbroken over this news and we are praying that she will be put on a treatment plan that will eradicate her cancer once and for all. As we have grown so accustomed too, we have to now begin the implementation of steps to help Madison while she is in treatment.

As such, my wife and I have been working with the administration and counseling department to develop a 504 plan to anticipate any barriers and identify any accommodations and modifications that need to be implemented to support Madison while she is in treatment. One of these areas that we have identified is in regards to absences. Unlike regular doctor appointments that can often be made for after school, oncology appointments do not exactly work with our schedule; and due to the nature of these appointments, we go when they say “go” and show up wherev...

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